Network Security

Basic Server Security Assessment & Penetration Testing:

Server Security Assessment & Penetration Testing:
  • For co-located or dedicated servers.
  • Attempt all known vulnerability exploits
  • Denial-Of-Service Exploitation
  • Verify Data Transfer Channel Integrity
  • Verify Private Directory Security
  • Verify Password Protection Structure
  • "Backdoor" checking
  • OS "Known-Fault" Checking
  • SSL/HTTP "Known-Fault" Checking
  • PoP3/SMTP Exploitation Assessment
  • Comprehensive reporting
  • Threat-Assessment Consultation
  • Mitigation Consultation .

Vulnerability Assessments

When you need to establish a security baseline, conduct a quarterly assessment, test a new custom application or the internal audit department requires technical resources, InfoSec Professionals Services is just a phone call away. When our analysis is complete, we will explain, in plain terms the issues we discovered, how to mitigate those issues, and the relative threat they pose to your organization.

Our Assessment Services: Confidentiality - The information requires protection from unauthorized disclosure.

Integrity - The information must be protected from unauthorized, unanticipated, or unintentional modification. This includes, but is not limited to:
  • Authenticity � A third party must be able to verify that the content of a message has not been changed in transit.
  • Non-repudiation � The origin or the receipt of a specific message must be verifiable by a third party.
  • Accountability - A security goal that generates the requirement for actions of an entity to be traced uniquely to that entity.

Availability - The information technology resource (system or data) must be available on a timely basis to meet mission requirements or to avoid substantial losses and ensuring that resources are used only for intended purposes.

Penetration Testing / Ethical hacking

These assessments are NOT basic vulnerability scans. They are much much more... Scanners may be employed during an assessment to find low hanging fruit towards the end of the assessment. Our Penetration tests validate your risks from the outside and attempt to exploit the potential flaws found. We simulate real world threats and attempt "malicious" entry through both the physical and cyber world. This means that we use the same tools, methods, and skills the bad guys use every day to compromise companies and governments. The best defense has always been a good offense. This means to be proactive and find your weaknesses before your opponent does.

We offer several options in this tier to help test your security ranging from remote "cyber-attacks" to onsite "infiltration